Apparently I only post once every three months, mainly because all I do is post on my photog blog that I am low on time for my own kids. New goal, take more photos of them!! I really need a new video camera to video their sweet personalities and voices.

We had a blast at the Dallas Arboretum doing photos, pumpkin time and hanging with sweet friends. So even though I do work A LOT this time of year, I do find time to have some fun and do my favorite fall activites.

Isn't he too cute here

Love this girl, she is getting so big

Best buddies since they were almost 1 year old. :)

My angels

Our friends. :)

My big boy, gosh he is just getting so grown up

Nothing better than a sucker and funny faces

I know I am the worst at posting photos of my kids lately but finally I did it. An actual post of my kids having fun this summer!!!

He had so much fun

Isn't this too fun

She loved every minute of it

Their little friend Olivia

Just a day at the park, perfect weather, nice breeze, sunshine and picture ready. Mia loves the slide and kinda like the swing, but apparently it is really tasty. YUCK!!! As for Jaden you can find him climbing in the spiderweb thing, well he does think he is spidey sometimes. :) love my kids and days like this.

You know I cannot keep up on my blog. But every once in a while I will take the time to update ya on my kiddos. I hope to get better but who knows if that will happen.

So Sunday Miriana was all dressed and ready for church but apparently she was missing something. What every girl should never leave home without, eyeliner. :) So she grabbed it off my counter and went to town on her face. Seriously she is hilarious and did a good job for her first try and no mirror sine she is far to short to look into the mirror herself. I will always treasure these types of photos. Precious!

yep eyeliner, isn't she pretty?

In my office :)

I forgot to post the celebration of Mia’s 1st birthday. I just really loved all the pics of her diving into the cake. She is so excited about life and just fearless.

Birthday girl just sitting on daddy

Hello Cake

really liking it

Attacking that cake

Me and my girl!

Well my little sweet heart turned 4 yesterday. I cannot believe it. We had a fun bday party on Saturday all about Little Einsteins and music. We did some celebrating while Jared’s parents were here for the weekend. We went to see the Princess and the frog. Went out to dinner, played and just had fun. I don’t think they are used to a birthday weekend. Hah, kind of something I like to do.  We were so glad that Jared’s parents could visit, we all loved having them.

So to my sweet boy, I cannot believe you are now 4. How does this go by so quickly. I cannot believe how much you’ve changed in a year. You speak so well now and you absolutely love people. I have never seen a more friendly boy. You have a real love for others and such sensitivity about you. You talk to complete strangers all the time, such confidence. You are a problem solver and love to build things. It could be train tracks, legos, blocks, or playing with transformers until you get it right. You LOVE transformers, singing, Little Einsteins, learning, reading, snuggling and baby sister. We are so blessed that you are apart of our family. Every day you bring the biggest smiles to my face. We love you with all of hearts. Happy Birthday.

I just love this - cake by Valerie

Pinata excitement

Loving her Pappaw

Awesome Rocket cake, thanks Valerie

Yes we are daring, a pinata in the living room

Conducting music like Leo (Little Einsteins)

Musical Treasure Hunt - they found all the instruments

She loved all the kids, music and craziness of the day

ok I have to show off the notes Jared cut up and we hung from the light fixture

Hey all, this is a shout out to my special friend Monica. She is trying to adopt a sweet little angel and needs all the help she can get so I am posting their message below. Good luck Monica and lots of love sweetie.
Dear Friends and Family –
We are so excited to finally be approved as adoptive parents and start the next portion of this long, yet amazing journey. But in order to move forward we need your help. The adoption process is not what it used to be. Before we would just be sitting by the phone waiting for our caseworker to make that fateful phone call to tell us they’d found us a baby; but today, adoptive couples are much more active and responsible for, in essence, finding their child.

Statistics are showing an amazing relationship between an adoptive couple and the contacts that are made through their friends’ friends. This is where you come in. Chances are, that missing family member is right there. We may not know that special birth mother, but chances are, you or your friends do. So, we ask you with grateful hearts to help us however you can, even if it’s just keeping your eyes and ears open, passing along our information to someone who may be considering adoption, or posting about us on your blog or facebook page. Anything you can do to help get our profile out there is deeply appreciated.

To start, many of you have family, personal, or business blogs, etc. If you feel it is appropriate for your particular page, we’d ask that you right click the picture below and save it to your computer. Then, in your sidebar layout, add a picture (the one you just saved) and link it to the following (our adoptive profile) before saving: https://itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/23184693/ourMessage.jsf

Something else that would be very helpful, would be for you to either forward on this email, or create a new one specific to your friends including our profile information/picture and send it to your friends and family.  We understand that life gets busy and sometimes it’s not convenient to pass these kinds of things along.  Please know that we are eternally grateful for anything you can do to help spread the word.  Thank you so much for your help – it’s the love and support of our dear friends and family that have kept us afloat these past few years and we hold those relationships close to our hearts. Love Monica, Matt & Chase


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